Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Inspection

Dynamic Edge technology leads drone-based building façade inspections to the next level

Autonomous Building Facade Inspection

Dynamic Edge’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) technology accurately detects, maps, and identifies defects and provides detailed asset assessment on the fly. It offers ease of use, simple analysis, and highly accurate results.


Our Answer to Industry 4.0 Challenge: AI Drone-Based Asset Inspections

An automated drone façade inspection provides unprecedented cost- and time-savings, overcomes inaccurate manual inspection, provides a decision-making tool for repair prioritization, and prevents costly repairs in the future.

End to End Solution

Data Collection
Automated defect and anomaly detection and mapping
Full assessment report is prepared within hours of survey
Certified Report
QPs and CPs sign off on assessment
Data Storage
Building data is stored for ongoing monitoring


Easy and cost-effective inspect any high-rise buildings
Cover wider and taller assets and collect high quality data faster
Protect personal privacy
Automatic blurring of images of people present on site
Artificial intelligence makes defect detection simple
Automatic identification of a wide range of material and defect types
Autonomous drone inspection
Fully autonomous, semi-automatic or controlled inspection options
Meets building regulations & standards
BCA-compliant assessments enable QPs and CPs to sign off on certified reports
Online portal enables report access, anywhere, any time
Time-stamped records enable ongoing monitoring of building deterioration
Historical data from past inspections data stored on demand
Compare current-vs-past data for severity assessment of deterioration


Cuts cost
Significantly reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding, ropes, and lifts as well as personnel needed to carry out manual inspection.
Eliminate errors
Research shows that using manual labor can result in up to a 30% error rate. Our sophisticated AI technology eliminates human error.
Minimize time
Drone-based inspections can be carried out in a few hours and the results immediately made available online – no need to wait 3-4 weeks to obtain a written report.
Improve safety
Our built-in obstacle avoidance system with direction-sensing capabilities is specifically designed to operate safely in urban areas.

About Dynamic Edge

Founded by experienced high-tech entrepreneurs with a proven track record in innovative technologies, Dynamic Edge’s easy, secure, and pilot-free technology enables our customers to carry out optimal asset inspection in the most cost-effective way.