Central Bus Station

Haifa Municipality

Established in 1974, the Haifa Central Bus station included parking for more than 200 buses, 40 shops, and 5 gas stations.
Haifa, Israel
Building Age
Number of Floors


The huge complex with unique structural design is located in a major urban area, just above a major intersection in one of Israel’s biggest cities.

The main challenge was how to cover the different façade angles with high precision, enabling the AI to accurately identify the different anomalies. The building has thousands of anomalies with varied characteristics


DynamicEdge’s unique proprietary AI algorithms were able to accurately detect defects in the building, providing the structural engineer with an excellent decision-making tool which is both convenient and easy to use. More than 60,000 different defect descriptions were utilized. The system successfully distinguished between main anomalies such as cracks and delimitations.

The customers’ response to the system’s performance as a decision-making tool was outstanding.

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