SingTel - Pickering Operations Complex

City Telecoms Center

The tower is situated adjacent to OCBC Centre and One George Street. Pickering Operations Complex was designed by Kenzo Tange Associates, and was completed in 1986. Other companies involved in the development of the Pickering Operations Complex included Singapore Telecommunications Limited,
20 Pickering Street, in Raffles Place in the central business district of Singapore.
Number of Floors


AI Drone Based façade inspection at the heart of a crowded urban area:

This unique skyscraper presented several challenges:
Navigational Challenges: Maneuvering drones safely in tight urban spaces with tall buildings, traffic, and obstacles can be difficult. We had to ensure that the drone could navigate and avoid collisions is critical.
Solution: Using a top professional drone pilot team together with an observer from several directions, and taking all safety measurements, like blocks, weekend operations and more
Air Traffic Management: Coordinating drone flights with local air traffic, following CAAS guidelines, instructions, and restrictions.
Privacy Concerns: Capturing images and data in crowded urban areas can raise privacy concerns, as drones may inadvertently record people and private property without consent.


Tight coordination with asset management and using VisionAiR capabilities to meet face masking and other PDPA requirements.
Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to local, state, and federal regulations governing drone flight, especially in urban areas with airspace restrictions, is essential.
Solution: Adopting TR78 Part I and II in accordance to BCA regulations.
Signal Interference: Tall buildings and electronic interference in urban environments can disrupt communication between the drone and the operator, potentially leading to control issues.
Solution: Interference could happen, this time we did not have any.
Data Handling: Collecting and processing large volumes of data generated by AI drone inspections can be challenging, requiring efficient data storage and analysis solutions.
Solution: Leveraging VisionAiR’s powerful processing capabilities, more than 5000 images were captured. The leading AI inspection algorithm demonstrates exceptional proficiency in managing thousands of images with exceptional precision.

Addressing these challenges requires careful planning, compliance with regulations, robust technology solutions, and a strong focus on safety and privacy considerations.

This is exactly what we do in Dynamic Edge

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