People’s Park Complex

Park Complex

The people’s park complex is constructed in the year 1969, with 31 floors, and occupied by the shopping center and commercial housing. This building is situated at 1 Park Rd, Singapore 059108. The building is spread on 78,500 square meter area.
1 Park Rd, Singapore 059108
Building Age
50 years (Constructed in the year 1973)
Number of Floors


Project Goals and Objectives:
Given that the structure is a towering skyscraper, it is susceptible to weather-related deterioration owing to its elevated position, characterized by strong winds and the passage of time. These factors can potentially impact the structural integrity of the façade. Therefore, it becomes imperative to regularly perform façade inspections to ensure not only the safety of the building’s exterior but also the well-being of the public. These inspections serve as a preemptive measure to identify any vulnerabilities, ensuring timely maintenance and addressing any potential hazards. The periodic assessment of the façade aligns with our commitment to maintaining a secure environment and upholding the structural robustness of the skyscraper.
Schedule of façade inspection:
The main challenging responsibility of following a strict timeline to guarantee punctual delivery and offer leaseholders an extraordinary living understanding.
Due to the high level of activity in the building area during weekends These measures encompass various aspects, such as controlling vehicular and pedestrian movement, securing hazardous materials, and ensuring proper signage and demarcation. By placing a significant focus on public safety, the project aims not only to mitigate potential hazards but also to establish an environment where workers, visitors, and the general public can confidently navigate around the construction area without compromising their well-being. This proactive approach aligns with the project’s commitment to not only meeting its operational goals but also demonstrating a steadfast dedication to safeguarding the welfare of all those who interact with the site.
Challenges In Implementation:
Through effective coordination among the site acquisition team, we have successfully implemented proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents on-site. Our dedicated safety officers are actively engaged during inspections and takeoffs, working in tandem with the team. This collaborative approach not only emphasizes preventive strategies but also underscores our commitment to maintaining a secure environment for residents. The presence of safety officers during key phases adds an extra layer of protection, enhancing the overall safety culture of the project.


Following the successful navigation of challenges, the acquisition team achieved a notable milestone by amassing over 3000 site images for input. Through the utilization of our exceptional artificial intelligence tool, Dynamic Edge, defects on the façade were swiftly identified, all in adherence to predetermined timelines and customer anticipations. Throughout this process, Dynamic Edge consistently upheld its role in overseeing work quality, quantity, and precision, exemplifying its commitment to excellence. This achievement highlights the team’s resilience, the effectiveness of Dynamic Edge, and the unwavering dedication to meeting and surpassing both temporal and client-based standards.
expectation. Dynamic Edge has always taken responsibility of the quality, quantity of the work and the accuracy.

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