Rapid Digitized Report

3D Modeling

Accurate, Quality Data

Data-Driven Decision Making



Cut costs
Dramatically reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive scaffolding, ropes, and lifts as well as personnel needed to carry out manual inspection.
Eliminate errors
Research shows that using manual labor can result in up to a 30% error rate. Our sophisticated AI technology eliminates human error.
Minimize time
Drone-based inspections can be carried out in a few hours and the results immediately made available online – instead of waiting 3-4 weeks to obtain a written report.
Improve safety
Our built-in obstacle avoidance system with direction-sensing capabilities is specifically designed to operate safely in urban areas.
End To End Solution
Scanning each facade from every angle, data archiving, and 3D modeling make gathering decision-supporting information, estimating facility costs, and engaging stakeholders that much easier.

AI data technology and expert insights produce accurate, high-quality, and reliable information for data-driven decision-making (DDDM). It reduces Risks and helps Facility owners, builders and contractors make smart decisions.

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About Dynamic Edge

Founded by experienced high-tech entrepreneurs with a proven track record in innovative technologies, Dynamic Edge’s easy, secure, and pilot-free Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) Inspection Technology allows facility professionals to carry out optimal asset inspection in the most cost-effective way.
With Dynamic Edge, detecting, mapping, identifying facade defects, and providing detailed asset assessments becomes simple, straightforward, and highly accurate.