Our Technology

Leveraging the new era of smart drone inspection

Smart drones can access hard to reach places faster, cheaper, and with far less risk than manual inspections. Powered by Dynamic Edge’s AI technology, drones provide a sophisticated decision-making tool for engineers who can harness it anywhere they want, at any time and in any location.

Together with edge computing and unique algorithms, Dynamic Edge achieves unprecedented results. Dynamic Edge has taken its mastery of AI and ML capabilities gained through years of experience to develop a state-of-the-art learning tool that continuously improves its performance.

Our core technology

Our unique tool uses deep neural networks trained on tens of thousands of annotated images. It applies vision technology in a variety of spectral bands and enhanced and sophisticated image analytics, which enables it to automatically identify a wide range of anomalies by using smart mathematical algorithms.

This unique solution is a harmonious combination of flight operation on any drone, together with electro-optic understanding, artificial intelligence, and machine learning — all combined into one perfect system.

Four key steps



Building our AI neural network

Dynamic Edge has its own Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)



IP ML models

The dedicated machine learning system improves on an ongoing basis




Models are optimized through cleaning and enhancing the collected data



Train and repeat

Our IP computer algorithms automatically improve through experience and repeated data use

How drone based asset inspactions work?

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Our flight planning software optimizes between the flight time to the designated application’s geometrical shape and space.

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The UAV electro-optic payload efficiently collects the data and transfers it to a cloud-based app or via edge computing

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Data is analyzed using our proprietary algorithms. The result is a detailed asset assessment and full report.


The app provides professionals with a true decision-making tool, enabling them to review, comment, and amend reports as needed