Manulife - Success Story

Manulife (Singapore) Pte Ltd.​

The Manulife high-rise tower, Singapore Central Business District
Raffles Place, Singapore
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The Manulife high-rise tower, situated at 8 Cross Street in the bustling Singapore Central Business District, presented a number of significant challenges for the facade inspection project:

  1. Proximity to other tall buildings resulted in limited GPS signal.
  2. The urban working area surrounding the tower was densely packed.
  3. Urban areas are typically populated by pedestrians and locals.
  4. Coordinating multiple stakeholders added complexity to the project.
  5. The facade materials consisted of glass and granite, with glass being transparent or reflective.
  6. Planning complex drone waypoints was a crucial task.

To address these challenges, Dynamic Edge and the drone operation team meticulously planned the pre-flight path, taking into account the limitations of GPS signals. In areas with weak signals, a tethered drone was utilized as an alternative. The team conducted a comprehensive site survey in collaboration with stakeholders, clearly defining flight limitations and safety requirements. During the pre-flight planning session, they established the necessary overlap and the position of a flight visual inspector, minimizing risks and enabling immediate response to any issues that arose during operations.

To ensure smooth execution, expectations were set with the asset owner, facility manager, and competent personnel regarding the operational and logistical aspects of the project. Dynamic Edge and the team chose to conduct flight operations on weekends to reduce population exposure.

To enhance safety and awareness, easily visible signs were placed for pedestrians, alerting them to the ongoing flight operations. A dedicated road or sidewalk was designated for operations to further ensure safety. Additionally, a letter was issued to the building management, requesting the closure of all windows during the flights.




Throughout the project, a certified professional engineer leading the facade inspection relied on Dynamic Edge’s Vision Air holistic platform as the primary tool for inspection, coordination, and information sharing. The sophisticated capabilities of Vision Air A I enabled analysis, detection, and localization of various anomalies on the facade, serving as a valuable guidance tool for the 10% rope access that followed the drone operation. The AI-generated images provided precise guidance to the inspection team, directing them to specific areas requiring further investigation.

By diligently following the instructions and guidance of the competent person, the project successfully met local regulations and adhered to TR78 guidance, resulting in a comprehensive and accurate report submission.

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