Umami, TLV


Umami, situated in Tel-Aviv, Israel, stands as a prestigious and newly constructed project. This development comprises six 31-floor buildings, offering a diverse range of apartments, including 3, 4, and 5-bedroom options, along with mini-penthouses and penthouses.
Tel Aviv, Israel
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The project encountered several challenges, which were addressed as follows:

Project Schedule: The primary construction company faced the daunting task of adhering to a tight schedule to ensure timely delivery and provide an excellent living experience for the tenants.

Project Financials: The construction costs pushed the limits, posing a challenge in managing the budget effectively.

Quality: Subcontracted companies had to execute their tasks within a limited timeframe, leading to concerns about the need for repair work and managing costs efficiently.

To overcome these hurdles, a remarkable solution was provided by Dynamic Edge AI, leveraging their unique AI solution and VisionAiR™ in conjunction with a highly efficient drone operation based on Autel Robotics. Over 4000 images were captured and processed to create a comprehensive Digital Twin of the building, enhanced by AI annotations.

The sophisticated DRC-L AI algorithm (Detection, Recognition, Classification, and Localization) offered by Dynamic Edge facilitated the generation of a dedicated, thorough, and precise report for the construction team. This actionable report allowed the on-site operational team to develop a targeted plan for repairs.


As a result of implementing this innovative approach, the project achieved the following outcomes:

Time Efficiency: The actionable report significantly expedited the time required for repairs.

Cost Minimization: By pinpointing the specific areas needing repair, unnecessary costs were minimized.

Enhanced Documentation: Precise locations for repairs were documented, ensuring a more efficient and safer environment. It may can be used also in the future to track incidents or defects.

Overall, Dynamic Edge’s AI-driven solution played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the Umami project, offering benefits in terms of time, cost, and safety.

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